My Story

Artist, reluctant maven, co-creator of three amazing kids and, like you, best used before the expiration date.

I handcraft pretty bouquets, mid-century putz houses and whimsical wall and wearable art…among other things. My love for makery of all objects well-crafted has no bounds. (Except knitting - argh! I’m awful at that.)


Hi, my name is Pamela Brackett and I live in the southeast United States. I started out as a Graphic Designer many years ago. Before computers, graphic design was a very hands-on art form so I suppose that is where my love for hand crafting began in earnest. I have a degree in Fine Arts from Mercer University which has served me well through the years.

I have three amazing children who have all flown the nest and are brilliantly talented in their own rights. And, yes, I’m in the snap-shot - the one looking all dismayed - probably because I didn’t get the pretty dress.

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so, um, what’s dharma?


Dharma is a Sanskrit word which simply means a path of righteousness. Your dharma, in Western philosophy, could be interpreted as something to hold, maintain or keep sacred although there is no one word that translates in Western culture as “dharma”.

I have taken the liberty here of naming my website Creative Dharma acknowledging my belief that all-things-good are accomplished through creative endeavors. I believe everyone is creative at their core - we just all express our paths differently - and, aren’t we blessed by doing so?