I handcraft lovely flowers and other whimsical, ephemeral things...

I started out as a graphic designer many years ago. Graphic design back then (before computers) was a very hands-on art form. Apart from good design, precision and accuracy were everything. 

From there my interest was drawn to hand binding journals - again, precision was everything. At some point, I fell in love with "grunge" art - I tried my best to make "messy" art - but to no avail. My self-developed sense of accuracy and perfection took over and I just had to make it all neat again. 

I suppose that is why I love taking paper - clean, flat paper - and transforming into something beautiful like flowers and leaves. It's a painstaking process of touching each petal and stem and stamen and leaf. Each flower or leaf has a style but no two are exactly alike. I use to strive for perfection but found that the less perfect the flower - the more realistic they turned out.

Nothing is perfect - not even the rose. And I like that freedom now. I am delighted  with each flower or arrangement I make and hope you enjoy them also.



For makers or admirers


For makers:

When I first started making paper flowers the results were awkward and never quite lived up to the picture I had in my head. But, the more flowers I made the better the results became so don't despair if flower making is your goal. 

There are quite a few very accomplished paper flower artists out there so I encourage you to look around and see the variety of styles and read every tutorial you can to pick up tips and tricks. Paper flower artists are eager to show off their work and are generous with their knowledge.

 Enjoy my tutorials and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at all.

For admirers:

I offer several ways for you to enjoy having paper flowers in your home. You can certainly visit my Etsy shop to see what is available or contact me if you don't see exactly what you are looking for. 

I tend to design bouquets that can be used in a vase or carried for a special event like a wedding or given as a gift after a special arts or theatre performance. Not only will the recipient love your generosity but, unlike real flowers, these will last for years.

Here is a link to my Creative Dharma Shop on Etsy. You can use the "Get in Touch" link button below to contact me.